Five simple tips to take better travel Photos

How many times have you snapped photos while travelling, only to be disappointed later because some did not turn out great? There are many factors that affect the quality of photos. The odds that you face while on travel are the circumstances that are not always ideal. Despite the conditions not been perfect, you can still capture quality photos.

Here are tips to help you snap the best photos while on travel

1. Try to snap photos when the light is right

In many cases having light that is right is when a lot of soft lights are diffused over the subject and are evenly distributed. Ideally you should not have excessively bright emphasis or hard shadows. This means that you shouldn’t snap photos at midday if the sun is very bright.Simillarly snapping pictures after dusk or before dawn won’t be a great idea because at this time there is no enough lighting.

The best time to snap photos is just after dawn or just before dusk; this is known as the golden hour.

2. Keep the camera as steady as possible

When you are snapping any photo, you should always ensure that your camera is steady and does not make any movements. This can be tricky to achieve but you can achieve it by holding your camera with both hands and keep your elbows close to your sides.

You can also explore other ways to hold your camera professionally especially if you’re changing your position while snapping.

Another tip that you can consider is ensuring that you carry a travel tripod everywhere you go. It is better if you can find a portable one, to reduce time taken before snapping the photo.

3. Start using the rule of thirds

This is arguably the simplest composition technique that improves photos if applied. To begin with, when applying the rule of thirds you should turn the grid feature on, because it is present in many cameras, then position your subject and any other elements using the intersection points and gridlines. Place the most important elements of the photo and position them near the intersections and grid lines. They do not have to be in a perfect line up all they need to be is close enough.

4. Find unique perspectives

Most beginners in photography snap them from a single perspective-at eye level and head on. If you want to have unique and quality vacation photos, you have mixed them up a little by having unique perspectives that show the scenery or the subject in many different ways.

5. Try to photograph people who are in candid situations

Posed photos are good and well done but they scream practically,”tourist”. If you want to have unique photos on your vacation, try to capture photos when people are having their candid moments. Unlike the posed photos, they have potential of carrying more emotional weight. That makes them more compelling than posed photos can ever be.

Do not make mistakes, snapping these photos require you to be very patient, have quick reactions and extremely good eyes.


Taking better and quality travel photos is not a difficult task. The tips above may sound basic, but they are often forgotten. If adhered to, they can help you have the best travel photos to treasure for life.