5 Quick Tips to Know Before You Travel to Australia

Australia is a huge country and it is bigger than all of the countries in Western Europe combined. The country is among the most famous tourist destinations in the world and it is a popular destination for camping, backpacking, diving, and road trip. You will surely find varieties of activities that you can try out in the country which will leave you coming back for more. Some of the top tips from my buddy at https://advancedcarpetcaregb.com/ who just came back from Australia!

The country is very enormous and diverse

Australia is very huge and unless you are planning to stay in the country for long, there is no way you can see all the attractions. The country may look small but you should know that it is the 6th largest country in the world and it covers 7,692 024 sq. km which is even more than the size of European countries. But has one of the world’s lowest population density with 3.1 people/km.

It is quite expensive in Australia

You will need to budget at least $100-$200 per day for food, accommodation, and activities. You will also need to add transportation cost to your budget and you can follow these tips to save on your trip to the country.

You should ensure you fly with budget airlines: You can save more money if you opt for Jetstar and Scoot Airways than full-service airlines such as Virgin and Qantas. You should also choose one-way flights as it is more expensive when it is compared to return flights.

Travel more on land: you can invest in a Greyhound hop on/hop off bus pass instead of individual tickets so as to get from city to city. This is very affordable and you will also get to enjoy scenic views. If you are planning to travel in your own time, you can rent a car or camper van.

Cook your own food: Although there are lots of restaurants in Australia they are quite expensive. You can head to free public BBQs that are available in most parks in the country to cook.

You will not see the Kangaroos and Koalas all the time

Although you will easily spot these animals in the wild you can also head to a national park or reserve which is far from the hustle and bustle of the city. You may also see them in the suburbs or on a golf course. The best places to see wildlife is on Kangaroo Island located south of Adelaide. Although you may not find these animals in highly populated areas, you will still see a lot of bats, snakes, possums, lizards, spiders, and other bugs. You will also be able to spot birds outside of the city center.

Be mindful of the Sun

There is a need for you to cover yourself up and you should avoid spending too much time in the sun. The sun is very strong and you should try to buy sunblock when in the country. You should always try to balance your time in the sun with the time in the shade, cover up and stay hydrated so as to avoid heat stroke. You should not hydrate yourself with the goon, beer, or cider.

Be ready to be offline for sometime

The internet speed in Australia is very slow and expensive, you will also find Wifi in hotels and some café during your travel. One of the best ways that you can stay connected on the road is to unlock your mobile phone before you leave home so that you can use Telstra, A Pay As You Go Sim card. It has the best coverage across the country so you will be able to stay connected in remote areas.

Best way to stay safe in Australia

Australia is a quite safe place for backpack and to travel whether you are travelling solo or a female solo traveler. The people in the country are nice and helpful and you are unlike to get into trouble. If you are in a big city, you should take precaution like you would in any other city. You should always trust your instinct as some taxi driver can be shady, you can just stop the cab and get out. You have the right to remove yourself from any situation you are not comfortable with. Try to make copies of your personal documents such as passport and ID and you should inform your loved ones about your itineraries.